TikTok Ideas For Groups

TikTok has collaborated with the other wild corners of the interweb and has tricky challenges and party games that can be played together. With the tremendous competition in the platform, it is recommended to buy TikTok likes as it gains massive visibility and engagement.

Alphabet Challenge

This challenge has been a favorite game for anyone who takes road trips. In contrast, this game can still be a lot of fun when playing with friends. You and your friends can choose any desired topic, during each turn any of your friends can choose another word and sing a different song.

Recreating Favourite Movie Scene

TikTokers, along with their friends, can use the audio from a famous movie scene and recreate the scene with their friends. Also, this turns highly entertaining if the users pay attention to the costumes and settings while shooting their videos.

Flip The Switch

TikTokers can enlist their quarantine companions, including their housemates and pets. Also, encourage them to be a part of the trend along with you. All that is needed is to keep switching clothes at the appropriate time.

Melon Challenge

This is a must-try challenge for TikTokers because it brings a lot of fun while watching the video again. Make each of your friends taste a sour lemon and record reactions themselves. Keep track of seconds for which your friends can withstand the sourness and switch to the next person. Reward the person who lasts for a longer duration.

Fruit Roll-ups Race

This game is quite harder than it appears. All that is required is required is a fruit roll-up to get started. Also, there are losers in this game because, in the end, every participant receives a Fruit Roll-up.

Prank Calls

This activity is entertaining to perform with friends that will make TikTokers get nostalgic. Make prank calls to the office peers or family members. The unexpected reactions and comments from your friends create incredible fun insights and everlasting memories.

Difficult DIY Crafts

Everyone loves exploring new things in which they have no prior experience. There are several websites available to gain crafty insights and enhance their skill. Though the outcome gets horrible, the fun along the process is certainly assured. TikTok and their friends make weird mistakes during learning as they try to combine new things that are quite difficult for the audience to understand.

TikTokers love learning choreographies by combining with their friends. Also, they try to indulge in the fast-paced part, holding the breadth and learning how to make new crafts. They created fun-filled videos exclusive for the Christmas occasion. TikTok spreads joy to the world and as well as to the user’s feed. The holiday challenges of TikTok makes the users fall over the home and cheer up with the fun of recreating their masterpieces on Christmas.


The user can join a partner for this challenge. As a team, the TikTokers can show off their luxury outfits or, as an indication for Christmas gear, show off their two left feet. The dance may be choreographed in a simple way. Still, this will have you and your friends laughing all along with the North Pole. Also, the videos can be more attractive.


The festive occasion cannot get completed without hot cocoa. Instead of proceeding with a traditional drink prepared from powdered chocolate, try making a trending chocolate drink with your unique style. The hashtag has emerged as the trend of 2020. Also, take your drink game with your friends    


The challenge turned out as a major inspiration for the Christmas season. The users displayed their favorite untidy sweater with the world while enjoying tremendous fun with the choreography. The user can enhance the festive mood with a favorite vacation song and make the video so engaging. Also, the users can initiate challenges and encourage their viewers to vote for the ugliest sweaters.


TikTokers can exhibit holiday traditions in a new way. The user can experiment with a dinner recipe that is non-traditional for Christmas Celebration. Also, users can enjoy their family activities during the winter season. TikTokers can use this time appropriately and garnish their festive season.


TikTokers can share screenshots of the products that they have been sticking to for this year. They can also get their followers interested by providing appropriate hints to know more about the product. The followers may also give them a funny twist by giving them unexpected and weird things.